Mjokes, died in a car accident. #RIPMjokes

Mjokes, died in a car accident. #RIPMjokes

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Trompies member Emmanuel Matsane, popularly referred to as Mjokes, has died.

The talented musician, who was a part of the long-lasting kwaito group known for his or her hit song Sweety Lavo and a director at the record label Kalawa Jazmee, died during a car accident.

His death was announced by Kalawa Jazmee through a press release .

“It is with great sadness to announce that our Kalawa Jazmee co-director and fifth member of Trompies Emmanuel Mojalefa Matsane, popularly referred to as Mjokes, has gave up the ghost during a car accident,” the wrote.

“The accident happened within the early hours of the morning on 23 of May 2021 after his performance with Trompies. Further information regarding his memorial service and funeral are going to be given during the week.”

Emmanuel Matsane (Mjokes)

Before his tragic death, Mjokes had only recently released an album called Time Between Times, which he said is about love.

Speaking to the publication the talented musician, who married his long-time girlfriend in 2017, said: “I was head over heels in love once I wrote this album. I’d just tied the knot, so I wrote whatever i used to be feeling at the time.

“The album is about love and happiness, a sense people in new marriages often feel. I hope people enjoy it.”

He also started another record label, La Familia Records, and signed his son as his first artist.

“My son is following in my footsteps and that i couldn’t be more prouder. His name is Jazmee. I named him after Kalawa Jazmee. He’s following that name.

“He’s close to release his debut album through our label. We’re looking forward thereto . We’re also getting to collaborate on a song together. It only is sensible that I work with my son, especially because La Familia Records belongs to both folks ,” said Mjokes at the time.

“People must look out for a hot collaboration between us. I check out him and that i realize he’s 10 times more talented than i’m .”

-daily sun