Dr. Shauwn Mkhizeis proud of her son Andile after his engagement to Tamia Mpisane

Dr. Shauwn Mkhizeis proud of her son Andile after his engagement to Tamia Mpisane

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South African businesswoman and reality show star Shauwn Mkhize is proud of her son Andile Mpisane’s moves as he recently decided to propose and got engaged to Tamia Louw.

Although this may come as a surprise as to why Andile proposed to Tamia because everyone had thought that his baby mother Sithelo Shozi would be the one that he would be proposing to.

Shauwn took to her Instagram page to write on how happy and proud she is of her son and how much of a dream it is for a mom to witness their child finding happiness.

“It’s every mom’s dream to witness their child finding happiness and I experienced it today. I’m a bit emotional right now but excited at the same time for this new chapter”, Shauwn wrote.

“To my Prince @andilempisane10, I’ve dreamt of this day since the first day I carried you in my arms. You have taken a bold step and I’m super proud of you. As a mother, I will forever support you on every decision that you take and everything that is united by GOD will always have a foundation”, Shauwn continued with the post.
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Wedding bells are on the way for MaMkhize’s son, Andile Mpisane, who got down on his knee to ask hand in marriage from his girlfriend who did not hesitate to say “Yes”.

However, Mzansi is not convinced this engagement is for real, they think that this is a publicity stunt done by Andile or maybe they’re doing some music videos as he is an artist.

What actually shocks them is the fact that the fiancee is not his well-known girlfriend, who is the mother of his two children, Sthelo the DJ.

Their relationship with DJ Sthelo is all over the public as they always spend time with each other in public.

Last month, Mpisane bought her a luxurious BMW on her birthday as a gift. Many people were happy for her as they thought it was a sweet love gesture by Andile.

Now they are surprised that he has got engaged to the other woman who was not even known that she is dating Andile.

It came a shocker on Friday when Instagram was buzzing with pictures from their engagement ceremony of them.

His mother’s stylist, Shaun the stylist was the first to post images of this ceremony which was followed by Andile posting all the images and videos and you can see that indeed it is real, it is not a publicity stunt.

The 20 years old Royal AM chairperson, got down on his knee and asked the 25 years old model, Tamia Louw for marriage. It is not known for how long they have been dating as it comes now as a surprise when they’re getting engaged. This has left the 27 years old DJ Sthelo hanging with her two children from Andile and the number of years they have spent together.

Now this shows that years actually does not count, a person can spend lot of years with you but decides to drop you on the last minute and go to marry the girl he just found now.

We saw this being done by Dumi Mkokstad who left the girl he had promised marriage and went on to marry another woman.
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“My advice to you and the new Mrs. AM @tamia_mpisane marriage is not easy, it’s something you work on daily. Even on the bad days, always choose one another. Respect each other and make sure that God remains at the center of your union, and having unconditional love, loyalty must be key. Makwande kukhanye!!! I love you bantwana bami”, Shauwn concluded.

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A big congratulations to Tamia Louw and her soon-to-be husband Andile Mpisane. Was it also a surprise to you that Andile proposed to Tamia and not Sibahle? Leave a comment and let us know. Do not forget to also support us by liking this article, and follow us for more daily entertainment news.