Mlindo customises his shoes with Maphorisa and Sjava’s faces


Mlindo customises his shoes with Maphorisa and Sjava’s faces

Mlindo The Vocalist is extremely blessed to have brothers within the industry who support him. The star recently showed two people some love by having his sneakers custom made with paintings of their faces.
We cannot help but wonder if Mlindo The Vocalist and DJ Maphorisa have buried the hatchet or not. This comes after Maphorisa dragged Mlindo on Facebook and revealed some details he probably should not have.

He got seen as the villain instead of gaining the sympathy he was fishing for, after he said he got backstabbed by the Ama Blesser singer. But all seems to be forgotten now as Mlindo revealed to his followers he is working with Maphorisa.

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Not only that, but he also honoured him as well as Sjava with custom made sneakers with their faces.

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Mlindo was or is he still signed to DJ Maphorisa’s Blaqboy Records? But the two had a fall but when he Phori said Mlindo and his manager/business partner, Nyiko The Great backstabbed him.

After their public fallout, other musicians have been showing Mlindo some support telling him to return to the studio. These include DJ Shimza, Samthing Soweto and even Sjava who said he will use violence on Mlindo, if he does not return to work.

“I will fetch you with a stick because I do not know why you are not coming back from Port Shepstone to work.”
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Mlindo went MIA for a while and did not give any reasons. Phori slammed him on social media by relaying all the nice things he did for him, but in return got stabbed in the back.

“It’s so crazy how people will backstab you,” started off Maphorisa. “…I had to get him (Mlindo Da Vocalist) a road manager, cool I asked Nyiko to help Mlindo. At that time Nyiko was super broke but cool hard working guy so I gave him a chance not knowing [he was] the devil.

“To cut the story short after two years I hear Nyiko is Mlindo’s manger,” an astonished Maphorisa said. When he found out of their sinister actions, he said he just left them like that, “I let them be even though I could take him back, I left them to do their thing.”

But instead, people turned their backs on Phori and told him that he was somehow exploiting Mlindo and Nyiko.
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Nyiko said this to Daily Sun, “He has started a big fight and he’s going to lose because he’s not being honest. We’ll expose his shenanigans and he’s not going to like it.”

“Maphorisa neglected Mlindo for two years. He forced Mlindo to do amapiano and when he refused, Maphorisa threatened to dump him. There was a huge fight and as Mlindo’s manager, I needed to step in and save his career,” Nyiko told Daily Sun. “When Mlindo bought his mother a house, Maphorisa was not there. When Mlindo had two car accidents in 2020, Maphorisa was not there. “

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