Mlindo The Vocalist: So much Greed in this industry

Mlindo The Vocalist: So much Greed in this industry

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It’s no secret that the music industry may be a dog-eat-dog world where the motto is ‘survival of the fittest.’ Many artists suffer in silence till they reach the verge of collapse where they vent but that sometimes puts their careers on the road.

Making it difficult for more artists to talk up. This is why certain artists who speak their truth often get praised because others gain the courage to try to do so.

Mlindo The Vocalist is on the verge of a tell-all which can see him exposing the “greedy” people within the music industry. After his cryptic tweets, many thought that he was pertaining to DJ Maphorisa’s BlaqBoy Records company which he’s signed under.

Two days ago, he hinted at having a really big story to inform, “I want to inform you guys a story…I’ve always wanted to speak but I just thought otherwise.”

In response to his tweets, he reminisced about the time he first visited Johannesburg to kick start his career, but judging by his tone, it had been not a really good experience. An emotional Mlindo admitted that whatever happened to him is extremely painful but is hopeful that it’ll pass.

Mlindo The Vocalist

“Khona Into eng’ hluphayo lento Ingidla Ngaphakhathi (there are some things that’s troubling my spirit and it’s eating me up inside.)

The musician currently features a song out with Nathi titled Imali and lots of people are assuming that he’s pulling off a publicity stunt so as to urge the song to trend.

However, the various instances that occurred where certain artists like Emtee, Makhadzi and TNS, just to call a couple of , spoke out about the injustices they faced, makes it impossible for us to ignore Mlindo’s cry and downgrade it to a mere publicity stunt.

For starters we’ve Emtee who exposed his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment who had robbed him off his royalties and awards. The Manado hitmaker claims that the founder Kgosi Mahumapelo has dragged his name through the mud and ruined his image.

Mlindo The Vocalist

“Right now everyone thinks of me as a junkie and it’s due to his company. I left the corporate and now suddenly I’m a drug addict? I’d wish to consider myself as a gospel rapper because I motivate youngsters, but all of a sudden I’m a junkie .

“This is all his work because I finally saw the sunshine and left the label. My name has been dragged through the mud and I’m tired. I’m challenging him to a match and therefore the winner will get the cash , trophy and a public apology” he told DailySun.

Then we’ve Makhadzi whose heart is bleeding because her former manager had done her dirty, “The only thing I did was to ask my money from my ex manager for my previous album Matrokisi ,and money for my royalties. What she did was to say my money and delete all video from YouTube including Riyavenda (which has) 10 million views and Matroksi, 8 million views. I didn’t get a cent from my album.”

All these artists and more have lamented their struggles and that we hope many others begin therefore the younger artists gain the courage to show these vultures.