Mmatema leaves hubby shocked after announcing pregnancy

Mmatema leaves hubby shocked after announcing pregnancy

Former Idols SA star Mmatema recently shared a teaser of a video that’s now up on her YouTube on Instagram. In the clip, she states that “we are pregnant,” and her husband’s response is priceless. Mmatema then calms him down and explains that it is just for Instagram, it’s not that deep. So they are not really pregnant.
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“All the time we are together. So now we are pregnant and we are married – that’s how they say it babe – that’s how they say it, babe. When people are in love, they say we are pregnant.” Said the singer.

Before she could even finish her sentence, her husband interrupted her and asked if they are not pregnant.

Responded to his wife’s question – in the YouTube video – after whether or not parenting has affected their relationship, he only had positive things to say.

“Parenting is fun. Parenting has affected our marriage in a good way because now we get to share love among the three of us. And then another thing is when he is not here you can feel like you are missing one person. In a good way, it does.” He said.

“You know me very well. What works for somebody doesn’t mean it’s going to work for me. So I’m not going to leave my life based on other people’s experience. If their first year was rocky, now I must expect that to happen in my life. No, I don’t live like that.”

Her husband went on to add that there is no formula for marriage. “You know what’s the sad thing neh? People have been married for more than 10 -15 years and the next thing they get divorced. There’s no formula. You can’t say the first year. If the first year was always a thing – then most of the divorce would happen in the first year. “

Mmatema also supports her husband’s views. She attributes their happy marriage to the fact that they’ve known each other before they had their first child. “With us, I don’t think parenting has affected us negatively in any way. Even before we had Ethan, we always spent time together. It was never that thing of, now we are married. Let’s change.” She continued.

“So us getting married was not a thing of let’s get to know each other. We knew what we were getting ourselves into. So it was never really an adjustment that had to happen because we had always spent time together. I mean we work together, so obviously half the time, if not all the time – we are together.”

Check out the couple’s recent YouTube video below.