Mnakwethu, Musa had to help a man whose wife is currently abusing him in words

Mnakwethu, Musa had to help a man whose wife is currently abusing him in words

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In the first episode of #Mnakwethu, Musa had to help a man whose wife is currently abusing him in words. The wife is very talkative and she makes sense when she speaks. The wife has rejected the second wife saying the sidekick should not enter her house only the baby, she said not today try next time.
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This second lady sat there and said she is there to help her with rubbish. After so many years of being a sidechick she now want to be made official. It’s sad that there are other women who still wants to be number 2 instead of looking for their own husband. The worse part they even worse make a baby? Every day it’s becoming more and more embarrassing to be attracted to men. The man can’t even solve the problem his waiting for his wife.

This man had been married to his wife for 10 years and involved with someone a year after getting married. This guy Shamase has been having an affair on his wife whom he has been with for 8 years.

The man feel no ashamed he even has a kid with the side and now he wants to marry her as second wife. He said he started seeing this lady just after he got married , and the side is saying the first wife must respect her. She said she won’t accept a third wife but she also wants the first wife to accept her. The second wife is so cheeky and Mamkhulu wants to strangle her so bad. The sidechick is very disrespectful. We can see from the fist step she walked the she did not come with peace.

This guy, he says he wants to expand his family. He has 2 sons, they are carrying his surname. That’s expansion enough, his wife supported him financially. Man really need to be honest from the beginning of the relationship about them being polygamous to avoid such situations. We can imagine how painful it is for a woman to be forced to agree to polygamy on a random day and act she’s fine.
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Shamase is so scared. Mens looks like he is about to cry. The man is naturally weak, he can’t even lift his head up when the first wife speaks. Musa is calling the wife abusive because she can speaks up. You can see that Mrs shamase provides for the family. Mr Shamase should be doing things that will help the family financially and not adding an extra mouth to feed. The was taking the money his wife, she was making to support them to give his baby moma to take care of the kid.


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