Mohale asks fans to help hem to win the Africa Choice Award

Mohale asks fans to help them win the Africa Choice Award

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Mohale Motaung Mhlongo born 9 July 1994 who is well known to be married to Somizi Mhlongo the South African Idols Judge is a 26-year-old entrepreneur, Student, model, and actor. He is popular for playing the role of a confident gay economic student, Odirile in the MTV Shuga series.
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Things are not looking good for Mohale, the hate people have for him it’s too much to the point that they can’t even hide it, because of what they say he did to Somizi exposing him like that in public, and after nearly destroyed his career with all the allegations he brought forward against him in public.

With everything that’s happened between Mohale and Somizi and people hating Mohale it didn’t stop him from asking people to do something for him, it was like he was provoking them.

Mohale took to his Social Media account after he was nominated for the best male personality of the year in South Africa for African Choice awards 21, together with Oros Mampofu.

When they talk about a never mind person they are talking about Mohale, he probably knew this was going to happen but he did it anyway, at the end of the day according to Mohale he probably thinks life must go on anyway.

Though he knows that people are angry at him for what he did to Somizi at the end of the day his also a victim in this whole thing, he probably thinks why should he suffer whilst he was the one who went through all the pain of the alleged abuse.

After that most people called him all sorts of names, it even came to the point where they told him he doesn’t deserve the nomination but the nomination he deserves is the best looter in SA. They even told him he can go to hell they’ll rather vote for Oros than him, he doesn’t deserve it. He’s just a money heist nothing else.

Will people ever forgive Mohale after all this is over? Because it seems like things are worse than we thought.