Mohale attacked again, this time from Twitter


Mohale attacked again, this time from Twitter

Can’t they just leave the men in peace, they are doing too much on them! Hot on the heels of the Somhale Union breaking a record as Showmax’s most viewed show after only one episode, haters have come for the couple, and in particular Mohale once again…

Many have deemed Mohale as Mzansi’s most bullied star, and if the criticism and social media hate is anything to go by, than that description may very well be true.

Just last week Somizi‘s other half trended online after tweeps dragged him over a SMEG kettle, and this week it’s no different.

On Thursday, Mohale revealed that he lost a pricey personal belonging – a pair of Apple AirPods (which retail from between R2500 -R3000) – after he accidentally left it on a plane.

Nasty trolls reassured him that Somizi would buy him ‘another’ one, implying that Mohale could not do so himself!


A cool and calm Mohale responded to one tweep and let him know he was totally unbothered by his opinions.