Mohale claims he now owns a club called Fusion Cocktail Lounge

Mohale claims he now owns a club called Fusion Cocktail Lounge

Mohale took to social media to announce that he started a new business venture, Fusion Cocktail Lounge. The lounge is located at 12 Main Road, Melville.

“New Man. New Club. Allow me to introduce to you my newest and latest business venture, welcome to Fusion Cocktail Lounge,” he wrote.

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His followers congratulated him and pointed out that Musa Khawula must be getting chest pains.

“He’s been a h*e, he tried to scam Somizi with a fake marriage and wedding, and he’s now dating politicians,” said Musa on his Pope Of Pop Culture podcast on YouTube.

Musa claimed that Mohale is now dating politicians and has downgraded his mansions. He also said Mohale looked broke and hungry, “it is such a disaster!”

He then said he benefited from his marriage with Somizi saying he gained the spotlight and had his accounts verified, and now evidently he managed to open a club. He also bagged a radio gig with Opulence radio, but he said he does not care about unknown radio stations.

We certainly hope he does own or co-own this lounge and pull a Minnie Dlamini on us. She recently came out to deny owning The Mansion Lounge and Rooftop Bar.

In a recent interview with City Press, Minnie denied owning The Mansion, “No, I’m not the owner.”

Musa Khawula once said Minnie is not the owner, “Minnie Dlamini doesn’t own The Mansion. The Mansion is said to be owned by a group of Afrikaaners who also own Thirsty Fox; Centurion. Minnie Dlamini is used as a front” wrote Musa Khawula in his now suspended Twitter account.

Minnie called out her trolls and said their trolling cost her a lot of gigs, “It’s hard. Most of the time you realise it’s sad people, hurt people people who are trying to get their 15 seconds of fame. You deal with it as logically as you possibly can. I always tell to people I’m still human, I see them and it does hurt,” she said as quoted by TshisaLive.

“I won’t lie, I’ve lost a lot of business as a result of people making up stories about me. People need to be a lot more cognizant that their words have power and you can destroy livelihoods and homes on statements that aren’t true,” she added.

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