Mohale finally dumps the Mhlongo and you can now call him this.

Mohale finally dumps the Mhlongo and you can now call him this.

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Entrepreneur, controversy’s child, and confidence personified, he is Mzansi’s man to watch out for. At a young age, Mohale Tebogo Motaung has managed to capture Mzansi’s attention from his modeling and now acting. Mohale is always turning heads.


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Mohale was not well known, however, when he started dating Somizi he soon became a sensation that was on everyone’s lips. From the pics on Instagram to their baecations, the two became one of Mzansi’s hottest couples. However, some had doubts about the relationship, especially considering the age gap between Somizi and Mohale.

Despite that Mohale has also had his own run-ins where the masses did not like him. Remember just after getting together with Somizi, Mohale was rumored to be cheating on him, and what about the countless times he’s delivered clapbacks to trolls and the time his online English class was a flop. Trust, there’s never a dull moment on these streets

Let’s raise a toast to him on his special day! It’s also the perfect day for a throwback, so let’s rewind the year and see what’s been going on in Mohale’s life.

Is Somhale a thing of the past?

When ace choreographer Somizi and Mohale had the ‘Wedding of the Year’ in 2019, all was hunky-dory between the pair. Sadly, the happy couple did not last as rumors started swirling that they were having problems in their marriage.


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Within months, there were even talks of an impending divorce. Even when they got married, many painted Mohale as the gold digger, who just wanted to use Somizi to further his career. Later, Mohale was alleged to be cheating on Somizi with a married businessman.

Things got rocky between Somhale, and they both stopped sporting their wedding bands. Even their social media posts didn’t feature their better half. Further drama ensued when the media continued to keep the divorce rumor mills churning.

Finally, Mohale broke his silence and said that there was trouble in their paradise but he was not divorcing his husband.

Mohale was in it for the money?

From the get-go, tweeps had always questioned Mohale’s intentions of getting married to Somizi. Many felt that Mohale wanted to use Somizi to advance his career and some thought he was just in for the money.

Around the time when Mohale stopped wearing his wedding ring, tweeps had another storm ready for him. One tweep questioned Mohale’s sexuality, insinuating that he wasn’t gay and that the marriage was just a big-time ruse.

The tweet, which went on to allege that he got married only to experience the pleasure of such a relationship, polarised opinions. Mohale, however, wasn’t bothered by this drag, but what was interesting was how Mzansi responded to the matter.


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Mohale Motaung VS Ntsiki Mazwai

Well, it’s safe to say that celebrity or not, no one is safe from the scathing statements Ntsiki makes about everything and everyone. Ntsiki told Mohale where to get off and to stop acting rich because he didn’t have the money to live the kind of lifestyle he was enjoying.

She also attacked his marriage with Somizi Mhlongo saying they probably got married in community of property. This had her laughing because that would mean Mohale gets to enjoy Somaga’s riches as they are shared equally.

Did Mzansi agree to these sentiments?

Now that Somhale had become a thing of the past, someone else had taken Mohale’s space and had people talking. With the rumors swirling that Somizi and Mohale were having marital problems, they were each spotted going on vacations solo. But not everyone was solo.

Whilst Mohale took time to go to rural Qwaqwa, Somizi was spotted at the Kruger National Park and he was with Vusi Nova. Soon enough Somizi and Vusi or rather, SomNova was trending, hinting at that Somizi might have moved on too quick.

Though Mohale didn’t comment on who he was with, his followers couldn’t help but pity him as Vusi Nova was taking snaps of his husband in the bush.

So what really happened?

Mohale’s good side

We love it when our celebs take the time to give back to their communities. Mohale supported the cause of donating shoes as well as vouchers to underprivileged kids of 3 schools in Kwa-Nobuhle, Queenstown, and Tembisa. The main sponsor for this drive was UberEats.

#ForTheYouthFoundation is the initiative that focuses on supporting South African children to access education without having to struggle for shoes.


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