Mohale is trying to destroy Somizi’s career and his successes

Mohale is trying to destroy Somizi’s career and his successes

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Somizi will be back on Metro FM on Monday. Somizi Mhlongo has insinuated that he would be back on Metro FM from Monday following the abuse allegations leveled against him by his estranged husband, Mohale.

Somizi had asked for some time off from Metro FM to deal with his personal issues.
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“I find this very bizarre and a double standard. If it was a woman reporting the abuse, we would say the person must face the full might of the law.

Abuse does not have color… type or gender. Abuse is abused no matter who commits it… Because Mgaga is your favorite… now Mohale use.. This is disgusting… And we must all speak one language if we want to win this pandemic of abuse.
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Somizi doesn’t look like the abusive type to me….. on Living the Dream with Somizi, he was then asking Mohale about going out and staying in…. he was being so concerned or considerate about NOT wanting to cramp Mohale’s style…. Ja neh… having too much money is also a problem because then you won’t know who is real and who is not… I just hope Mohale was real with Somizi…..

MOHALE really… Som is so nice. I just wish the idols didn’t let him go. I loved his “hamba”…. Who will Unathi enjoy with???? Can you see it now Mohale? Can’t you guys work something out maybe?????? Maybe guys??? I just wish it didn’t have to end like this.. because watching these things of Living The Dream With Somizi is it just a lie????? Is it just a lie or is it just for TV?? Eish Mohale le wena ai!!! Such a huge wedding is expensive… Now, this???!!! What are you doing to Som Som? How can you damage your husband like this? ” said a Facebook follower