Mohale Motaung asks parents to apologize to their children


Mohale Motaung asks parents to apologize to their children

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Mohale Motaung’s question brought up hidden feelings from followers who have never heard “I am sorry” from their parents. Somizi Mhlongo’s estranged husband asked his Twitter followers if their parents find it easy to apologies.

He posted: “Do your parents, guardians, or the elder generation find it easy or hard to say “I’m sorry?”

We wonder what made him think of this question. Is everything okay at home Mohale? Last we checked according to his interview with his parents understood him.

“My dad was the welcoming one, the one who said it had been okay. My mom had a couple of challenges accepting it. I gave her time to actually come to terms with it. I had tons of conversations together with her, I made her understand who I’m and zip has changed about me,” he commented.

Followers took this platform to share their own experiences. This is what they said.

“’My siblings started with talking to each other and then we found the ability to confront our mom and she’s thankfully made such an effort to do better when it comes to apologising.’’

“I still applaud my grandmother, that woman would apologize as in ‘ntshwareleng hle bana baka’ (please forgive me my children), if she was wrong about something. She’d make it a point to and it was genuine.”

“Hard and that’s so detrimental! My mom used to upset/offend me then 2 to 3 days later ask “Nengwi, ga wa galla go ya (Do you feel like) Ocean Basket? Plus di prawns wa di rata ngwanake (you like prawns my child).” Mara it’s generational. They can’t give what they never got.”

We must say we agree with this follower, parents refuse to say sorry so they end up buying your forgiveness.

One follower said: “My parents have just gotten into being able to apologize but it’s not easy for them. With my grandparents forget it. When they make u mad they get mad at the fact that u have the audacity to be mad. Even if you being mad is just staying silent.”

Even with such an ice breaker Mohale is still being fed to the wolves by some followers. Just this morning a lady posted and tagged him on her status asking other followers, “How do you describe our fellow brother @mohale_motaung in three words [50marks]”

Mohale asked her what she was trying to gain by her question. Is he ever going to find peace in these streets? We guess not people the braves tweeted he will never find peace sleeping with a man old as his grandfather. We all know who the tweet was referring to.

Chris Excel tweeted: “The stigma of sleeping with a man old as his grandfather will forever haunt Mohale until he decides to quit Twitter and stick to Instagram like Natasha Thahane.”

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