Mohale Motaung cares about what happened to Makhadzi

Mohale Motaung cares about what happened to Makhadzi

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Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona commonly known as Makhadzi, is a artist and performer, and is going through the worst time of her career as she has became the latest victim of cyber bullying after a performance in Malawi. Pictures of Makhadzi went viral after a photographer captured some pictures of her which circulated on social media. One particular picture of Makhadzi’s dark inner thighs started the bullying as social media users particularly Facebook users edited her picture, reposted and distributed it as it went viral.

Everybody had sometime negative to say about Makhadzi’s dark inner thighs and the celebrity pleaded for the bullying to stop. Cyber bullying is common as social media has billions of users accros the world and is the biggest platform for people to opine. After the bullying started, Makhadzi could only reply with, “Unfortunately, I cannot change my inner part. I am like this, and I am proud”.

“I humble myself politely to ask everyone to stop humiliating me. I don’t have the energy to block you I love you all”. Makhadzi still expressed her love for everyone despite the bullying, which makes her a brave and caring person. Mohale Motaung who also in previous headlines alleged that Somizi was physically abusing him, came to Makhadzi’s rescue asking, crying for the bullying to stop against the artist.

Mohale Motaung did not say much, but his message was strong as he capitalized his caption on Twitter, “STOPBULLYINGMAKHADZI”. Mohale who alleged that he suffered abuse physically, does not want to see Makhadzi face cyberbullying which is one of the most common abuses a person can endure, and it hurts just as bad a physical abuse and takes longer to blow away.

Everybody has their uniqueness and nobody is perfect, so please guys, keep your opinion respectful and don’t encourage bullying and abuse.

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