Mohale Motaung: The first year of marriage was never easy.

Mohale Motaung: The first year of marriage was never easy.

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No troll formed against Mohale Motaung shall prosper and therefore the entertainer is ensuring of that. Mohale broke his silence over the backlash he got after it had been announced that he are going to be joining Rhythm City for a couple of episodes.

Somizi Mhlongo’s husband appeared on Trending SA and addressed the criticism he received after it had been announced by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, that he has landed a task on MTV’s hit series Rhythm City.

As expected there have been many negative comments from people that accused the South African media industry of recycling talent and particularly giving out these gigs to only famous people or people with connections.

Mohale’s latest win has many questioning the amount of qualifications he has and when were the auditions for this specific character. Answering all the questions people had, Mohale spoke to the Trending SA presenters and defended himself by saying he auditioned for the role like everybody else.

Despite many saying he was the sole one within the auditioning room, Mohale laughed it off and said he applied through his agency.
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Beginning his interview, Mohale said initially people’s negative comments wont to cut deep and he would be considerably bothered by the hate, stating that now, he simply doesn’t care. he’s not getting to waste his time and energy on people that don’t know the complete story and who haven’t any idea who he’s .

The businessman also debunked claims that his husband is tough at work getting him gigs saying he won’t apologize for marrying Somizi because he’s famous.

“At the start when people would share their thoughts about what I do, where i’m going it wont to bother me. on the other hand I said wait… i can not be angry at people that do not know me, or anything about me. People expect me to not do anything just because i’m married to a superstar . i can not blame myself for getting married to Somizi. that has got to not mean I shouldn’t pursue any opportunities just because people are getting to say that Somizi got them on behalf of me ,” proclaimed Mohale.

On the difficulty of him being the sole one that auditioned, as per the outraged people, he said the audition was done via tape and thru his agent along side six people from his agency, and another six from another agency.

Mohale was then asked about how the couple celebrated their anniversary and can there be a huge celebration. The socialite dropped a bombshell when he revealed they’re planning a 3rd wedding.
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But before revealing such, he spoke about the challenges of marriage in its first year. “We had a quiet dinner and looked back at the past year. the primary year of marriage, i need to say, isn’t easy,” he said, adding that the rationale is people aren’t told about the challenges and the way to beat them.

“We aren’t planning an extravaganza, but we are having another wedding,” he concluded.

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After remaining silent for nearly the entire time he was trending, his husband Somizi answered the trolls by posting a meme which is directed at the haters. Who gave the simplest who shared a hilarious GIF, along side the caption, “Sometimes this is often the solution u got to give to trolls”.