Mohale Motaung’s parents finally speak out

Mohale Motaung‘s parents finally speak out

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Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo doesn’t believe that the bible and Christianity is against homosexuality and urges people to teach themselves further.

The latest episode of his IG live series Let’s Talk with Mohale had gospel singer NJ Kunene as his guest. They talked about how homosexuality is viewed in churches and society calling for people to interact on the matter.

As a homsexual himself and a church leader NJ Kunene said he didn’t want to be trapped within the closet because it might affect his faith, saying it’s okay to be gay and a christian.

Having attended a christian school, Mohale opened about the judgement he faced being a church leader also . A turning point in was when he acknowledged that folks didn’t fully understand the bible hence the hatred towards gays.

“We were being told, not by God or the Bible, but by people that were teaching, that being gay isn’t acceptable and wrong. I started accepting all those words and living them in my life, saying i can not be gay, being gay may be a sin,” he said.
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He also spoke out about how his parents took the news of his sexuality saying his father was okay with it however his mother took a while to regulate to the news.

“My dad was the welcoming one, the one who said it had been okay. My mom had a couple of challenges accepting it. I gave her time to actually come to terms with it. I had tons of conversations together with her , I made her understand who i’m and zip has changed about me,” he said.


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