Mohale sad over leaking audio: I don’t want money

Mohale sad over leaking audio: I don’t want money

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The drama around Mohale and Somizi’s relationship will most definitely not end anytime soon.

Over a week ago, a recording emerged exposing the alleged abuse that Mohale suffered in the hands of his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo.

Now, with both parties have responded to the audio and allegations it has become clear that the audio and all that information was never meant to make it to the public!

Mohale Motaung has confirmed that he shared all of his heartaches with someone he trusted both on a professional and personal level.

“I trusted the person with whom I was engaging and did not divulge such details for any material gain. In these conversations, I was laying case to reason why I would not want the details of our divorce to be used in the upcoming season of the reality show as this would not reflect the complete truth and furthermore, did not want the details thereof to be used for financial gain.” Did he reveal?
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Just who is the man who could’ve betrayed Mohale like this?

Well, Mohale gave away the information that it was a producer who would be in charge of producing Somizi’s famed reality show “Living the Dream with Somizi”. The only producer who has worked on this particular reality show and couple’s wedding special is none other than Barleader’s CEO Legend Manqele. However, Legend has finally come forward to deny leaking the audio tape.

Who is Legend?

Legend Manqele is a well-established reality TV producer whose production company has produced multiple reality shows including Being Bonang, Dinner at Somizi’s and of course, Living the Dream with Somizi.

He has often found himself in a lot of trouble with his talent though, including Bonang accusing him of not paying her for her reality show and a man named Hastings Moeng alleged that Somizi and Legend has stolen the concept behind Somizi’s cooking show “Dinner at Somizi”.

However, the TV producer has come forward to deny leaking the audio. “I swear I didn’t do it. I’ve been accused of a lot of things in my life, but this was certainly not me. This is not how I do things and I always try to as best as I can to protect my peace.” Manqele said.

It has now been revealed that Manqele’s production company the BarLeader TV will no longer be producing Somizi’s reality show. Instead, the production will go to Teddy Geldart under his production company Dopezuluboi Productions. Manqele insists this was nothing personal “This is purely a business decision, which had nothing to do with anything personal. I took a decision that I thought was best for the business” He revealed.

What do you think the estranged couple should do about Legend leaking the audio? Please drop a comment below.

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