Moja Love boss: ‘Sizok’thola’ host’s lives threatened by ‘drug lord’


Moja Love boss: ‘Sizok’thola’ host’s lives threatened by ‘drug lord’

An alleged Russian drug lord has reportedly hired hitmen to kill Moja Love boss, Aubrey Tau, and new ‘Sizok’thola’ presenter Xolani Maphanga.

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Moja Love CEO, Aubrey Tau, and newly appointed Sizok’thola presenter, Xolani Maphanga, are reportedly in hiding after an alleged Russian drug lord hired hitmen to kill them.

According to Sunday World, Tau and Maphanga (who replaced fired Xolani Khumalo on the drug-busting show) were alerted by private investigators that the DStv channel 157 channel hired.



This, according to the publication, came after Tau was suspiciously being followed after the Sizok’thola crew shot an episode in Lanseria, north west of Johannesburg, two weeks ago.

During their drug bust in Lanseria, the Sizok’thola team reportedly found a drug lab and equipment used to manufacture the illegal substances. This they did along with law enforcement who reportedly received a call from their superiors, while combing the property, to immediately leave the premises. The police allegedly immediately vacated the property without explaining to the show’s team, who also swiftly followed for safety reasons.

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A week later, Tau arrived to a suspicious-looking man outside his home in Johannesburg. However, when the businessman questioned the man, who reportedly had an Asian accent, he pretended to be lost.

After his number plate and pictures were sent to the private investigators, it was found that the man was allegedly linked to the alleged drug lord in Lanseria.


Tau has opened a case at the Sandton police station.

Moja Love spokesperson Nonzwakazi Cekete said they will not be intimidated into canning Sizok’thola.

“Law enforcement agencies are handling the matter. As a channel, we will not operate from a space of fear when drugs are killing our communities. We will not be intimidated, and we will continue exposing those that continue to kill our nation with drugs.”


This is not the first time that the lives of Tau and a Sizok’thola presenter are under threat.

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In May 2023, whilst Khumalo was still the presenter, it was reported that drug lords were threatening to kill the two men. At the time, it was suspected that the drug dealers are working with rogue policemen and women.

Bokani Moyo, who is the Head of Channel, said at the time that they were aware of the death threats.

“Station is aware of the threats made to the lives of its CEO and presenter were taking when we agreed to broadcast the show. We are obligated to highlight issues that affect society, as drugs and crime are negatively impacting our com- munities,” said Moyo.


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