Moja Love CEO has bad news: I will not work with Jub Jub again


Moja Love CEO has bad news: I will not work with Jub Jub again

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Jubjub is currently experiencing the most intense flames he’s ever seen. Everyone thought he was on the right track when his career took off after his release from prison. He was able to acquire the trust of a large number of people, as a result of which all of his shows were trending each time they were shown, making them the most popular shows on television.

He’s currently being compelled to apologize to Kelly Khumalo for speaking out of tune during his MacG interview. Unfortunately, even if he apologized to her, his reputation has already been tarnished, and it appears like Kelly Khumalo is the one closing doors for him at the moment, as he currently holds all cards.

Agin, the creator and CEO of Moja Love, suddenly dropped a bombshell on Jubjub, claiming that he watched the video clip interview between Jubjub and MacG. Jubjub was out of line, according to Aubrey, and he avoids people with bad manners like Jubjub. Jubjub is currently unemployed and unsure about how he might reclaim his future.

Some suggested that he apologize publicly and ask forgiveness for all of the women he referenced during his interview.

He is proud, but pride will not feed his family, so he must set it aside and concentrate on regaining his work. Kelly Khumalo is also thought to have such clout and connections that she could be the driving force behind Moja Love’s refusal to reintroduce his shows.

Jubjub’s prospects, in my opinion, are still bright. All he has to do now is rediscover himself and think long and hard about how he will handle the situation. Praying again could aid him along the path, and those attempting to tear him down are simply doing wicked things.

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