Moja Love Channel is still suffering because of Jub Jub’s problems.

Moja Love Channel is still suffering because of Jub Jub’s problems.

Moja Love is a DStv general entertainment channel in South Africa owned by Ziyaya media and produced by the Nsizwa Ginger media network. The network focuses on a variety of occurrences involving relationships and family problems. ‘Hhayi Bo mnakwethu,’ ‘Dlozi lami,’ ‘Mamazala,’ ‘Uyajola 99,’ and many more works grace our screens. On February 14th, 2018, the channel was launched.

However, while many people appreciate the channel’s broadcasts, others are dissatisfied with what they are viewing. One of the country’s most powerful networkers took to Twitter to remark that it will be too late by the time black people realize that most programming on Moja enjoys mocking black people and making them appear foolish.

When told that the shows on Moja Love are similar to American shows like “Cheaters,” “Judge Judy,” and others, he stated that he prefers to focus on South African shows, but that people should be aware that before someone goes live on Judge Judy, they are first made up and made to look beautiful, whereas on Moja Love, they are made to appear with blanket fabrics on.

They say that shows like Uyajola 99 do not solve any problems, but rather humiliate people. What makes it worse, they add, is the assumption that all of those instances aren’t genuine and are part of a staged tale.

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Another person claimed that Moja Love exploits people’s poverty and lack of finances. They invade people’s personal space and embarrass them. He believes that breaking into someone’s home and recording them while they are half-naked is illegal.


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A woman stated that knowing the channel is controlled by another woman hurts her heart since it is full of absolute shame. They also believe that Uyajola 99 is infringing on a slew of human rights.

Someone believes that a victim of Uyajola 99 could file a lawsuit against the show and win because people’s rights are being infringed upon there. He used the example of bouncers who detain someone in their own home against their will, as though they were trespassing.