Moja Love show: Revealed truth spotted on Dloz’lami

Moja Love show: Revealed truth spotted on Dloz’lami

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I love her so much. She makes sense and comes up with solutions right away. This lady is a powerful medium and I so wish that my ancestors would grant me a reading one day with her. Thembi is a godsend. Introduce me, please. She is on fire this season, I respect this woman’s shame.

My favorite show moja love crew I would like to connect with Thembi Nyathi and definitely want to be on this show. I want to help with Amadlozi. Can someone please help me meet this lady because I have been trying to meet her for a long time?

Mmmmmh I can’t wait to meet her for our second session. If you want to meet Thembi or anyone on Moja Love, go to their pages and you will find their email address. Write to them. They will direct you to the producer of that particular show. Beware of scams.

Most people think Thembi is using some Muti so that she can prophesy. Although others think she is helping them to know about what’s happening in their lives.