Mokgadi From Skeem Saam Celebrates 1st Birthday of her Daughter

Mokgadi From Skeem Saam Celebrates 1st Birthday of her Daughter


As most people are aware, Pebetsi (her real name) has been off the screen for quite a while now. This was due to the fact that she was pregnant. Today marks one year after she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. With that being said, Pebetsi took to Instagram to share pictures of her daughter celebrating her 1st birthday.bf294718fe8948ff9d285ef9f4984f63

People were left blown away by how adorable her daughter was. Some mentioned how beautiful the decorations were. Others highlight that the daughter looks like her mother (Pebetsi). There were individuals who mentioned that Pebetsi has to come back to Skeem Saam because her daughter is now old enough to go to daycare.90a2ad8e781b4c99b8658f4ae0dfb49b

Overall, people were definitely impressed. There’s a lot that people had to say. See more reactions down below.94e652d33a954124ae47f406ef956597









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