Mona Monyane penned a heartfelt letter to her late daughter Amani

Mona Monyane penned a heartfelt letter to her late daughter Amani

Former Muvhango actress Mona Monyane penned a heartfelt letter to her late daughter Amani on Instagram. Amani gave up the ghost late 2017 just seven days after she was born.

She said she misses her daughter a day.
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“I remember you fondly. I hold onto the moments once you were still safely tucked away within me. I weep for you when the pain enters my bones again. I question and accept repeatedly each day . I hold onto the teachings you taught me. The love you left me with. I miss you daily. Long to carry you once more . I remember you, my sweet. I hold you safely in my heart,” she wrote

Opening up publicly about her daughter’s passing for the primary time on YouTube with Wendy Ntinezo, Mona said she chose to stay it to herself due to the criticism she received on social media when she was pregnant with Amani.
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“What happened, that I even have not made public, is that the death of my second child. I chose to not because the pregnancy already was under such a lot criticism and that i found myself having to defend one among the foremost beautiful things I even have ever experienced and that’s motherhood,

“When seven days later my baby passes in my arms, I’m sitting there and that i am like, ‘okay, what’s going on?’… it had been very sudden. Again, once you speak of spirituality and knowing, i assume I always knew. I saw the signs, I heard the messages that this was an angel bringing a message and leaving, not necessarily staying,” she told Wendy.


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Mona also penned another emotional letter dedicated to her baby Divine Promise. She said she named her Divine Promise because she knew that her birth would accompany revelations.

“I named you my Divine Promise because I knew that together with your birth would come to the revelation I needed from God that each one is indeed well. you’ve got saved me, you’ve got revived me, you’ve got grown me. i’m in awe of you my sun and lightweight . You give me a joy that’s indescribable! I pray to be the mother you deserve, to inspire you to be every a part of the greatness I see in you.

“I work on myself daily and do my best my angel because you’re the best testament of God’s power and beauty and that i am honored to be your mother. On today , I pray that you simply remain forever shielded from all darkness and evil, I pray that God’s favor remain on your life all of your days, on today I say many thanks for selecting me.”