Mona Monyane reveal to fans about her ex-husband

Mona Monyane reveal to fans about her ex-husband

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Sometimes after you meet so many challenges as a married couple, you turn to drift away from the person next to you, especially when it involves losing your little ones and that because it becomes about you, how you should focus on healing and not losing yourself.

Actress Mona Monyane separated from her husband a while back and their fans were not happy with it, what the two didn’t do was to stop parenting their offspring, the most important part of their union.

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My husband and I have parted ways, I know this will come as a shock to many and I ask that you continue believe I love and family the battle that me and my ex husband have went through have been so difficult to overcome together and I ask that you respect us by not sensationalizing our separation.

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She continuously add that she is right standing with her husband until she recently posted a video of her ex husband and their daughter hugging and smuggling each other.


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