Moon child sanelly hits a fan with a microphone

Moon child sanelly hits a fan with a microphone

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Sanelisiwe Twisha, known professionally as Moonchild Sanelly is a South African musician and dancer. She is known for her signature blue-colored hair and her self-created music genre called “Future ghetto punk”.

There’s one thing that we need to understand as the fans, and that one thing is the fact that Celebrities are humans too and they get upset as well like you and me, so if you’ve done them wrong they also get mad and respond in some a violent way.
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It seems that is what Moonchild Sanelly did as a video of her doing the unthinkable to a fan has been all over the internet. We don’t know the whole story as to what happened but speculations say that the man who got hit with a microphone had touched Moonchild inappropriately and her beating the fan was her way of responding and showing her that she doesn’t like what he did.

It seems like all this was happening while she was performing live on stage. In the video, we could see that other fans tried to stop her from continuing to beat the fan, as we could see hands that were reaching out and trying to grab her hands so she could stop.
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The video is very popular on platforms such as Twitter and Tik Tok and has been all over social media for a while now.

Some people would argue and say that she was wrong for hitting a fan with a microphone as it could have caused serious harm to the fan but on the other hand we need to consider that Moonchild was trying to defend herself from being sexually harassed.

Hopefully, this blows over soon so we can all move on with our lives.
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Do you think Moonchild was in the wrong for defending herself or do you think the guy deserved it?