Moonchild: Black Security guards have DOMPAS MENTALITY!

Moonchild: Black Security guards have DOMPAS MENTALITY!

We all know by now that Twitter streets are very rough, so one has to proceed with caution when tweeting – especially about topics that may be sensitive, lest you get dragged.
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One person who had her views challenged, because she ruffled some feathers, is musician Moonchild Sanelly. The Bashiri singer decided to let her frustrations out on Twitter, by coming for black security guards. The larger-than-life entertainer claimed that black security guards have a “dompas mentality” – further stating that they should be owning their own companies, yet they are stuck as employees and bully black people in the process.

“Black Security guards have DOMPAS MENTALITY! If u don’t respect & see yourselves you can’t respect us and we (the liberated blacks by choice) still feel sorry for you & your minds era! Honey aim higher so you’re happier during your hustle!!! You could own the security company but you only see today!” she lashed out.

Her tweet did not sit well with some. One Twitter user pointed out that she should not be mad at every black security guard when she was probably just triggered by one person.

“I’m almost certain that you were angered by one person, it’s kinda unfair to attack every black security guard now ain’t it,” the tweep wrote.

But Moonchild was not ready to back down. She expressed her anger towards black security guards who diseespect black people and treat them differently to white people; labeling it ‘classism’.

“You mean the one who shouts at you coz you’re black behind [email protected] [sic] white person who’s actually delaying the line the [sic]. Let’s the white man behind us stroll again and no embarrassing shouting ! Please !!! I hate classism!!!Period!!!” she wrote.

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The exchange went on for a while, with the tweep defending the Nyack working class and referencing oppression as the root cause of the behaviour Moonchild referred to as classism. However, the musician stood by her statement, reiterating that she will not stand for that behaviour or the disrespect.

“That’s not classism, it’s oppression. The typical working class are constantly at the mercy of the white man and systematically are taught to respect them more than anyone else. No man just decides that I’ll respect this race over another, it’s mental oppression,” the tweep replied.

“Whatever word you use. Disrespecting your colour to bow down on whites proudly!!! Please understand andizi kwik**a [I will not be a part of that sh**] because I’m very nice for free. Masunganyelani [let us not disrespect each other]” the musician lashed out.

One thing about Moonchild, she will say exactly what she feels and exactly how she feels. Last year she dragged radio stations after her single Askies with Jazz Disciples was removed from radio station playlists in Mzansi.

The funky song was a hit amongst many music lovers and especially amongst women in Mzansi, as Moonchild’s verse have sparked a wave of body positivity amongst them. Her verse openly speaks of thunder thighs, big butts and big boobs and had sparked quite the challenge as women showed off their big assets.

In a video on social media, the singer asked: “how many women are objectified by men in songs and are played on the radio but are played on the radio”. Moonchild explained that the song is said to be explicit, but asked, “where the hell is she swearing in the song?”