Moonchild Sanelly lashes out at ‘bitter’ artists.


Moonchild Sanelly lashes out at ‘bitter’ artists.
Moonchild Sanelly lashes out at 'bitter' artists.

Moonchild has had it with artists who show no love for one another’s achievements!

It’s been over 3 months since we learned that two of our biggest Gqom Queens, Busiswa and Moonchild were to collaborate with Beyonce on her Lion King: The Gift album.

While the news received a widespread of positive and congratulatory messages, there were some haters who just couldn’t abstain from being wet blankets.

Jealousy! in AKA’s auto-tuned voice

Although the news of the said collaboration was announced a few months ago, it seems the blue-haired entertainer still had some unresolved feelings about the negativity she underwent.

Moonchild took to Twitter early this morning to reflect on claims- by unnamed artists – that the Beyonce collaboration was just a favour from Beyonce to the Queens of Gqom.

In a now-deleted tweet (but fear not, we’ve got the receipt), Moonchild expressed her utmost exasperation.

Here’s what she tweeted:
Yikes! It seems Moonchild just wants her fellow-artists to put some respek on her name.

Main image credit: ANMG