Moonchild Sanelly shuts down a thirsty tweep over an offensive compliment!

Moonchild Sanelly shuts down a thirsty tweep over an offensive compliment!

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Moonchild Sanelly is not having it for people who mistake her body positivity for their own sinister benefits. As she shuts down a tweep who has called both her and Zodwa Wabantu hot on Twitter.

Nobody saw what has just happened on Twitter coming as Moonchild Sanelly shuts down a tweep who was attempting to complement both her and Zodwa Wabantu by calling them hot. Both Moonchild Sanelly and Zodwa Wabantu are some of Mzansi’s body-positive individuals who flaunt their assets whenever they feel like it and they have cemented their rightful places in the entertainment industry for simply being themselves.

However, this specific compliment from this tweep did not sit well with Moonchild Sanelly as she must have found it to be both offensives and somewhat has some pervert connotation attached to it. Taking to Twitter, the Polygamist SWEG has showered both Moonchild Sanelly and Zodwa Wabantu as two of the ladies he finds hot.

“Hei I gotta admit that i find Zodwa wa bantu and moonchild hot (fire emoji)” wrote Polygamist SWEG

Moonchild Sanelly wasted no time calling out this tweep on wishing on some back b*****s he would never have. Retweeting what the tweep said, Moonchild Sanelly did not mince her words which were laced with anger and frustration and one could tell that she was not jumping for joy at what this tweep has tweeted about her and Zodwa Wabantu.

Shutting down the compliments, Moonchild Sanelly was not at all shy to send back the compliments with some hurtful words. While calling out this tweep, Moonchild Sanelly then threw in a little jab telling this tweep to grow up.
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“What’s the joke?! I think u think it’s a thing to talk about bad bitches u will never access Grow up” wrote Moonchild Sanelly

The irony of it all, this tweeps handle is the Polygamist SWEG and that speaks volume about him and this tweep that Moonchild Sanelly did not fancy at all. Both Zodwa Wabantu and Moonchild Sanelly are one of Mzansi’s well known body and sex positivity personalities and they have been embraced for their own separate brands and the message they carry.

In a turn of events, this tweep would have not been problematic had it been presented in a manner that depicted a humorous and innocent compliment rather than it seemed as though it was laced with rather sexual connotation attached to it.

In another tweep, following the release of Moonchild Sanelly’s new song with lyrical content that suggest getting proposed on April Fools day. In the song, she is talking about wishing to be proposed on April Fools Day, in that way when she declines the proposal she can say she was playing.

Another tweep has felt Moonchild Sanelly’s wrath as he has asked if Moonchild Sanelly would like or prefer to be proposed on his birthday. Things took a different direction when she fired back at this tweep.

“You wanna get proposed on my birthday?” wrote Uncle Choppa

Evidently, Moonchild Sanelly is not all about these tweeps who only tweet for clout, as she quickly put down this tweep without mincing a single word about it. Moonchild Sanelly was once proposed to be married, however, early this year Moonchild Sanelly and her partner reportedly split up.

If there is one person who is not about all the games that is on social media is singer and song writer Moonchild Sanelly and she isn’t shy to let her fans and followers when they get off the rails with her.

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