Mpho doesn’t joke around when it comes to his job

Mpho doesn’t joke around when it comes to his job

All work and no play is never good… so maybe it’s time for Mpho’s romantic boat to be rocked, explains actor Junior Singo.

Mpho is an interesting and complex character to portray. It seems like he’s constantly stuck between being a good cop and finding himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But whatever trouble do-gooder Mpho gets himself into, though, it always turns out to be worth it because of how he never gives up the opportunity to help others.

My least favourite thing is that people betray my character, they stab him in the back. Sometimes he helps too much and ends up getting hurt because he’s not always aware of what people’s intentions are.

In the long run, it affects his mental health, Junior reveals, adding that 2023 is going to be a complicated year for his character.

On the work front, he fights corruption at the police station. But in taking a stand, Mpho is forced to cross a few lines himself, lines that he swore to uphold as a law enforcement officer.

Away from his life of fighting crime, Mpho is going to be busy trying to keep things afloat in his love life too.

In his personal life, Mpho tackles a complicated new romance. Will he get his heart broken? Or will Mpho finally find happiness and belonging? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Junior teases, saying that Mpho’s guardedness in early January is going to add fuel to a beautiful young woman’s fire.

It is going to get really intense and that’s not something that Mpho is always used to.

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