Mpho is heartbroken: thabii why did you have to leave


Mpho is heartbroken: thabii why did you have to leave

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Fans expected to see her being strong but she actually got very weak. Mpho did not believe it when Nthabii got evicted because she did not see her only as a friend in the house, she also saw her as a sister. Mpho now is crying because she now has to find new people to bond with in the house. Friendships and romantic relationships never worked in this house, it seems like if you try one of these things there a great chance of you leaving the house on the eviction day. There is also nothing much that they did in the house other than talking bad things about their housemates. Nthabii could have used the time to concentrate on making her game better than talking bad things about her housemates with Mpho.

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Fans are saying that she came alone to this game and she is supposed to stay strong no matter what. Mpho is a nice person and many people like her in the house. I think she will do just fine. She came alone in the hoise and I think she will able to survive and play her game.

Nthabii got the less votes than Nale and Thato, which is why her game came to an end last night. Mpho and Nthabii needed to understand that this is a game and some of them will have to be evicted at some point.
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She will reunite with her friend soon since the competition is getting closer to the end. Mpho will need to be strong because she still has a game to play, and it looks like things are getting more tougher in the house. Her friend Nthabii will support her from the outside, I don’t think Mpho should feel like she is alone at all.

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