Mr. Kgomo resists the temptation of the highest order.

Mr. Kgomo resists the temptation of the highest order.


She told Specialist Hlongwane about her situation and asked for money from him. Specialist Hlongwane talked to Lizzy about Melita because she was curious about whether he could trust her. He got some information about Melita. Specialist Hlongwane was informed by Lizzy that Melita could not be trusted and that he should not take her money.

Specialist Hlongwane addressed Melita and informed her that he was unable to provide her with cash. He was annoyed by Melita’s crying in front of him. He advised her to stop crying and promised to get her the money she really wants. Melita embraced him because she was upbeat. Specialist Hlongwane advised Melita to reimburse him after a few days, but she declined. Shoki realized that Melita was immature and that she would have preferred not to repay Hlongwane.

She informed Kgomo that Melita should be fired. Melita went to speak with Mr. Kgomo once she realized she might be fired. She informed him that she would reimburse him if he ensured that she was not fired.

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