Mr Smeg bought Mercedes-Benz Sandton C without Pearl Thusi


Mr Smeg bought Mercedes-Benz Sandton C without Pearl Thusi

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Mr. Smeg Michael Bucwa was at the Sandton Mercedes-Benz C-class launch without Pearl Thusi, when he made the announcement on Twitter, she was surprised by it and she was not with either. Surely she could not make it and it is understandable as they cannot be in one place all the time. Even though Pearl has not attended the event with Mr. Smeg, he is an understanding individual.

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What he keeps tweeting is “Pearl Thusi is beautiful” and it is expected by his followers every day. If he does not make the tweet, and knowing how people on the platform they don’t waste any time, they will say their relationship is over. Despite the fact that they have not made an official statement about their relationship, the public perceives it to be. Some have been encouraging Michael to marry Pearl.

Mr. Smeg has taken beautiful pictures of the launch and they would have been more fascinating if she had been there to support Mr. Smeg at the event. He is really doing well for himself and has also been an entertainer as a DJ. Since he is part of the Sandton Mercedes Benz, he has not been tweeting anything about his love for BMW. When he used to rock a lot with the kettle, he shared pictures of his BMW, even after he got another one.


But the moment he of getting a free ride with Mercedes, he is tweeting more about it. It would not be allowed for him to tweet about a different cars while he should be taking pictures with the brand that is giving him a car to drive for free. He can either get a chauffeur if he does not want to drive himself. He is living a wonderful life, knowing that he does not need a vehicle to get to his next destination.


Since he promised his followers a second date, he has not said anything about it and surely they will be traveling in the Mercedes Benz C class just like he did on the first date. Mr. Smeg is a great person and surely he deserves a manager after his manager has decided to resign. He is a busy man with his lifestyle and he does need someone who is going to help him manage his life.

Being a brand ambassador, social media influencer, and a DJ, there is surely a lot of engagement to have at his attention.

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