Mshoza’s family is accusing her ex-husband of denying them access to her kids.

Mshoza’s family is accusing her ex-husband of denying them access to her kids.


Singer Nomasonto “Mshoza”Maswanganyi passed away in 2020 due to severe covid-19 complications, at the time of the singer’s death she had two children with a successful businessman from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga known as “Mnisi”.

Mshoza and Mnisis tied the knot in 2017, but later went their separate ways in 2011 following several accusations of adultery from both parties, Mshoza then moved on with her life as at the time of her death she was in a relationship with Nigerian musician Oluwa Kuwait.


In an interview with Sunday World, Mshoza’s sister, Thandi Maswanganyi, shared that a month after the funeral of her late sister, Mnisi sent his family members to come and fetch the two children, aged 11 and 13 from them as she was unable to take care of them due to being unemployed. She further stated that Mnisi’s family attempted to also take Mshoza’s furniture from her house in Brakpan.

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Thandi went on to tell sunday sun that she refused that they take the furniture as this were things that Mshoza bought after her divorce with Mnisi, and as such they did not have any legal claim to it.

The children were then taken to Matsulu in Nelspruit to live with Mnisi’s relatives upon the agreement that the children will visit Mshoza’s family over the June and December school holiday. This has not been the case as the kids were apparently moved to a boarding school in Witbank and during school holidays they travel to a farm to spend time with Mnisi and their half brother.

Mshoza’s family is unable to call nor see the children and when they asked for a location so they can visit the children, they were ignored.

When questioned about this, Mnisi said that the family is not lying and he is indeed refusing the family to see or talk to the children due to the fact that they were calling the kids while they were at school and further poisoning them against him. He says that he is nothing but a present father to his children, he buys them food, they have a shelter and they are in a good school.


Sometimes we use children to fight our own battles which is highly not recommendable, in this instance the sister has said that she was also struggling and/or failing to take care of the children, but now that they are out of her reach, she wants to have them over for school holidays?? What is she going to feed them? Why is she bad mouthing Mnisi?

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