Murdah Bongz confesses his love for DJ Zinhle

Murdah Bongz confesses his love for DJ Zinhle


DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz’s relationship is one that’s very admirable seeing how smitten they’re . Murdah has taken to Instagram to mention a really short and sweet prayer thanking the most-high for bringing such an exquisite woman into his life.

Even though the 2 never came bent declare publicly that they’re an item, not that they needed to, it’s as clear as day that they’re head over heels crazy with one another and it’s a really beautiful sight to ascertain . In support of her booming career, Murdah dedicated a ‘legends only’ prayer to DJ Zinhle saying she is indeed the simplest within the game and is untouchable. He implied that her music touches his soul like nobody else.

“Nkulunkulu wam wase Sandton, Nkosi Jesu wam wase Zulwini, Mpichi KaMandela, Amen. Which translates to “My God of Sandton, his lord and saviour, Mandela’s friend”.

The two have always tried to stay their relationship covert but their little hints they set free everywhere social media lead many to believe that they’re an item. Bongz is all about posting and supporting his bae on his social media. supports every business and career move the Mlilo hitmaker does, assuring her that he’s always by her side.

The Imali collaborator has also shared yet one more cute black and white photo on his Insta story of himself and Zinhle during a very cosy position, but in fact , he covered her face only for dramatic effect. Zinhle has always remained mum about her sexual love , following the embarrassing end to her previous one, Bongz, however, wants to gush over her.

It also seems as if Zinhle has something up her sleeve and if Murdah’s Instagram post is anything to travel by, it’s probably something very big and Pink! Taking to social media he posted an image of the 2 of them together for the very first time, with the caption “Something pink is loading.” On the photo he wrote, “Congratulations on your pink surprise.”

This is not the first time Murdah has expressed how proud he is of his woman’s successes. Zinhle who has been making boss moves lately with the launch of her accessory range not to mention her other big boss business ventures, Bongz has been spotted in support of Zinhle and even though they are still trying to keep things as private as possible, fans definitely love seeing Zinhle on cloud nine.

When she acquired equity in an international sparkling wine beverage, Boulevard Nectar Rosè, that made her the CEO! In addition to the many congratulatory messages that were flooding in for the CEO, her bae Black Motion’s Murdah Bongz, also congratulated her and wished her well in her new business venture.