Musa Khawula reveals the secrets of Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida’s marriage.

Musa Khawula reveals the secrets of Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida’s marriage.

Zakhele Madida, expertly known as Zakes Bantwini, is a South African vocalist, record maker, and money manager. Brought into the world from KwaMashu F-area, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He has worked with individual performer Dark Espresso, with whom he teamed up on the melody “Juju”.

The 42-year-old stood out as truly newsworthy yesterday as he was the main thing for Musa Khawula to discuss on his most recent episode after he got the Grammy designation for the best worldwide music execution classification. As we as a whole realize that Musa Khawula is the craft of Mockery, he went to praise them and furthermore said that he will be supporting them yet they ought to never consider winning the honor since there are far superior demonstrations than theirs in the classification.

Nonetheless, Musa Khawula went to bounce into Zakes Bantwini’s marriage issues, saying that it’s not sumptuous from our perspective, on the grounds that Nandi wasn’t happy with the wedding Zakes in any case. As per Musa Khawula, some time ago when Zakes was all the while coming, Nandi marked a prenup with Zakes.

Musa guarantees that Nandi made Zakes sign the prenup so that assuming they ended up heading out in a different direction, he will not need to go with A portion of her resources, on the grounds that Zakes was destitute back in the days and Nandi came from a steady family. Musa likewise proceeded to uncover that for the greater part of the time, Zakes relied upon dark Espresso for cash, and his marriage was very nearly finished during his broke days until he delivered Osama.

That wasn’t all, as Musa went to uncover Zakes for not having a house, as he guarantees that Zakes and Nandi are remaining at the Madida family. ” Presently his vocation is sparkling and I’m certain they are residing pleasantly in the Madida family,” says Musa.

Musa wrapped up by going after Zakes Saying that now he has cash, yet at the same time he would rather not help his unwanted youngsters. He said now Osama has made him millions and he should fire turning upward for his kids.

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