Musa Mseleku is putting himself in trouble again.

Musa Mseleku is putting himself in trouble again.

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Inasmuch as Musa has polygamy and always claims that he balances them with love and support he gives them, however, we have noted as we watch the show that it is not quite true.

It has been evident how Mseleku abuses MaKhumalo and Mzansi can not bear to watch that happening as Musa does it with intent yet it leaves a bitter taste on viewers.

A person does not choose to be infertile, it just by nature and sometimes it goes beyond what a person can do. There’s absolutely no need to be treated with hostility, the way Musa does, is totally uncalled for.

Truth of the matter is that Mseleku does not treat all wives equally. Mzansi Celebrity News had reported that Musa has his favorite wife amongst the four he has and that does not sit well with viewers.

This has also caused divisions amongst the wives and has led them to be at odds with each other or have mutual loathing with that wife who is so disrespectful and rude plus has an attitude towards them.

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This was noted during their trip when she became rude all of a sudden and did not want to be with them in what they were doing together.

Once again, MaKhumalo was reminded on the show, Uthando Nesthembu that she does not have children and this left viewers annoyed and upset.

Lately, Musa has sparked chaos in his family as the topic of taking fifth wife rise, causing another division in the household. We reported here in Mzansi Celebrity News © that Musa intends on taking MaKhumalo’s sister so that she can bear him children.

Thursday evening’s episode saw Mseleku and his wives in a meeting discussing his last will and testament.

The tension rose when the topic of children came up. Musa reminded MaKhumalo that she has no children with him therefore she should lessen her expectations.

This was clear that Musa does not treat or see MaKhumalo as the worth wife because she does not have children.Mzansi is up in anger over Musa’s action.