Musa Mseleku makes for MaYeni a special day on her birthday

Musa Mseleku makes for MaYeni a special day on her birthday

On the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu that aired on DSTV channel 103, Musa Mseleku went all out for her second wife MaYeni’s birthday. MaYeni was celebrating her birthday and Musa made sure that he also celebrated with her in style.Musa took MaYeni out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Remember there was a time when Musa Mseleku wanted to spend the whole day with MaYeni on her birthday and at that time, it was not possible because it was MaNgwabe’s day for her to spend the night with Musa Mseleku. MaNgwabe did not allow Musa to spend the night with MaYeni after celebrating her birthday.

This year, it seems like Musa Mseleku was already prepared and was able to spend the day with MaYeni on her birthday and it seems like MaCele was the one who sacrificed her day for Musa Mseleku to spend the entire day with MaYeni on her special day. Musa made sure that MaYeni felt special by buying her flowers and singing for her even though he is not much of a good singer, it is the efforts that count.

Musa even mentioned that he bought the flowers for MaYebi because he is trying to catch up and be a modern romantic man.

“I bought flowers because I want to be a modern man”, said Musa.

Musa Mseleku really tried to be romantic at MaYeni’s birthday celebration and you could see that MaYeni really appreciated Musa’s efforts. She looked very happy to have spent her day with Musa Mseleku and she said it herself.

“I’m happy that I got to spend my birthday with you”, said MaYeni.During their lunch, MaYeni made fun of Musa Mseleku by asking him to play the keyboard for her and not sing for her. This shows that MaYeni knows that her husband’s singing is not that good, but Musa Mseleku ended up singing because he could not play the keyboard.

In my opinion, I really loved what I saw between Musa Mseleku and MaYeni. Seeing Musa Mseleku going all out to make sure that MaYeni had one of the best celebrations for her birthday. What did you think of Musa Mseleku’s efforts? Chat with us in the comments.

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