Uthandonesthembu: Musa Mseleku reveals more secrets about his daughter

Uthandonesthembu: Musa Mseleku reveals more secrets about his daughter


Mzansi has been left speechless and angry after hearing Musa admit on national tv that the family acted recklessly after her daughter was raped. Mzansi is in shock and they cannot help but to blame the father who failed to protect her daughter.

Musa Mseleku is a South African producer, businessman, polygamist, and reality star. Musa is known for having four wives and out of his marriage, he also has two daughters known as Snehlanhla and Mpilo. She is currently under the guidance of his first wife MaCele while Mpilo is under the guidance of Thobile who is his third wife.

Apparently, Sne is pregnant with a third child. It is believed that the first child who is staying with MaCele is a product of rape. Musa was left disappointed after hearing that Sne is pregnant with a third child. During his diary session, he revealed that the fact that she was raped when she was still young and the fact that the matter was handled recklessly has affected Sne mentally.

Musa have revealed in the diary session that one of the boy who is from the Mseleku homestead sexually assaulted her daughter. Apparently, Sne is going through Hypersexuality. This is a trauma response. Musa has kicked One out of the house that they gave her to stay with her second child. People in Twitter have been feeling sorry for her since she does not have a mother.

Musa has also revealed that he will no longer give her money. He said giving her money means he is funding their relationship. Musa made it clear that he want nothing to do with her or her babies.

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