Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife is very beautiful


Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife is very beautiful

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Journalist turned businessman turned reality star Musa Mseleku is a proudly South African polygamist man. At 45 years old, Musa Mseleku is married to four beautiful wives- Macele Mseleku, Mayeni Mseleku, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, Mangwabe Mseleku.

Together with his wives, he stars in their reality TV show “Uthando Nesthembu,” which documents their daily lives in a polygamous set-up.

You would think that Musa Mseleku has already found everything he needs from his ten children and four wives, but it turns out that there’s still a missing piece that he is looking for.

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It recently emerged that Musa Mseleku wanted to take up a fifth wife, but unfortunately, circumstances did not favor him. Currently, his plans of getting a new wife have been put on hold, at least for now, although the woman who was supposed to be Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife has revealed her face to the world.

Here is everything you need to know everything about Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife, who never got to be.

Who is Musa Mseleku’s “fifth wife”?

The alleged Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife to be is called Faith Duma. She is a young, light-skinned woman from Durban, KwaZulu Natal but based in Johannesburg. Unlike Musa Mseleku’s other’s wives, Faith Duma is relatively slender.

Rumours that she was the anticipated fifth wife emerged when Musa Mseleku posted a photo of him with her accompanied by a “No caption” caption.

Since neither Faith Duma nor Musa Mseleku explained their relationship, netizens quickly drew judgement. While a majority of people assumed that she was Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife, a few speculated that she was probably his sister.

According to her social media pages, Faith Duma, a.k.a Mseleku, studied at the Durban University of Technology and is the founder of an organization called Women Empowered by Faith.

In one of her YouTube videos, where she answers questions from fans about herself, Faith Duma reveals that she works as a network marketer and she is a prayer warrior.

You can watch the whole video here:

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