Musa Mseleku’s son Mpumelelo also wants to be polygamous.

Musa Mseleku’s son Mpumelelo also wants to be polygamous.

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Musa Mseleku is a South African media personality known for being on DSTV’s popular show, Mnakwethu whereby he assists men in confronting their current wives and letting them know about their wish of taking another wife. He is also known for appearing on televisions screens telling his story about his life together with his wives as a polygamist. Mpumelelo Mseleku being his son is following in his footsteps of having many wives as he is already with his baby mama and girlfriend at the same time.

Mpumelelo speaking about his relationships said, “I’m not cheating but I’m following my father’s footsteps. My relationship with them is built on trust and transparency. There is no secret about it. The baby mama lives in Cape Town and the other girlfriend lives in Durban”.

“I can’t reveal their names but I’ve been dating them since 2019 and I introduced them to each other. There’s no fight between the two because i was honest with them from the beginning”.

“For now I can’t say how many wives I need but it’s definitely going to be a polygamous marriage. I don’t want my family to perish merely because i failed to make kids”, Mpumelelo Mseleku added.

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Mpumelelo is not wrong in living the life that he chooses to live which is following the footsteps of his father and he must not be judged as it is his choice. Everyone has a choice and as long as he is always honest to his partners then there’s nothing wrong. It is always better to know that there is another person or other people in your partner’s life than to have them always lying and being those people without one knowing. Also, if young Mseleku is going to be able to afford those wives or already affords his partners then he can have more.

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