Muvhango faces a big new scandal

Muvhango faces a big new scandal

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Relations between Ndlovu and the CEO became strained. SABC2’s multilingual drama Muvhango has been rocked by a sexual harassment scandal that resulted in bitter consequences between the defendant, the general manager of soap opera Mbijana Manatha and creator Duma Ndlovu.

Manatha and Ndlovu are longtime friends who grew up together in Soweto.

Manatha believes the allegations were part of Ndlovu’s elaborate plan to throw him out on the sidewalk for canceling a lucrative catering tender the company awarded to Ndlovu’s acquaintance.

According to staff members, who did not want to be named for fear of being victimized, the behind-the-scenes drama came to the fore when a staff member, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, filed a sexual harassment complaint against Manatha el last year. .

The employee, who saw the complaint letter, said the employee alleged in it that, just before lunch on August 12 last year, she was leaning over the water cooler at the production office in Auckland Park, Joburg, when he felt hands on his back. .

She alleged that when she turned around she saw Manatha that she said: “Kudala ngifuna ukukuthinta esinqeni sakho, khona nam ‘ngizosolwa is sexual harassment [I have always wanted to touch your waist so that they can also accuse me of sexual harassment]. ”

She said she then she laughed and made a little chat with him about the new offices.

The staff member said the woman claimed that she shared what happened with her colleague, who advised her to report the incident to her department head.

Employees said Manatha, in her defense, refuted the allegations.

She “She said that she went to the area where the coffee is made and the woman was in the coffee area.

“He said that she leaned over and that her back was exposed. She claimed that she patted him on the back with her finger and said “don’t expose your figure.”

She said that she did not touch the exposed part of the employees’ bodies and also denied putting her hands on her waist, adding that they then laughed and continued making coffee.

She “she said that she didn’t know why she said those words because they didn’t make sense. He feels there is revenge [against him] and it’s like she’s being trained, ”the staff member said.

The staff member also said that a law firm, which was hired to conduct investigations, did not find Manatha guilty of sexual harassment, but suggested that because of her seniority with the company, she apologized to the whistleblower.

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The firm also recommended that she be given a written warning, but Manatha declined to apologize.

Ndlovu and the new CEO, Mandla kaNozulu, also tried to force Manatha to apologize in return, so that the complainant would not bring criminal charges against him, but he refused and decided to go to the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Commission (CCMA ).

The CCMA did not find him guilty of the alleged crime.

The staff member said Manatha felt the sexual harassment case was fabricated as part of Ndlovu’s elaborate plan to get rid of him after he canceled a catering contract awarded to Ndlovu’s ally.

This after worms were found in the food he gave to some actors and the crew who suffered food poisoning and were admitted to the hospital.

“Ndlovu was upset with Manatha and said that he didn’t give her a chance to prove himself a year ago.

“That strained his relationship and sometimes Ndlovu would come into the office and not even talk to him,” the staff member said.

The staff member also said that after the cancellation of the contract, Ndlovu hired Kanozulu as CEO. Later, Kanozulu called a meeting and presented a new organization chart for the company that did not include the position of general manager.

“Since then, Manatha has been working there without a job title. You could see they just wanted to thwart him and get him out of the system, ”the staff member said.

The staff member said Manatha was concerned that his request to Ndlovu for the plaintiff to apologize to him after he won the case at the CCMA was ignored.

The staff member also said that Manatha was indicted again and suspended on Friday of last week on charges related to value added tax.

“They sent a driver to his home in Roodepoort to seize the company laptop and other equipment after suspending him,” the employee said.

Thanduxolo Jindela, a spokesperson for Muvhango, said: “We would like to record that it is not true that Mr. Manatha was exonerated by the CCMA from the charge of sexual harassment. Word of Mouth Pictures takes these kinds of things seriously. We will do our best to ensure that the employees in charge of this face the necessary paperwork.

“Mr. Manatha went through a DC and was found guilty. The CCMA issue did not involve the merits of the case, ”he said. Manatha declined to comment.