Muvhango fans ask for a change in Susan character


Muvhango fans ask for a change in Susan character

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Muvhango viewers have raised complaints and are not pleased with Susan’s storyline. Susan has been married to Azwindini since the beginning of the show and has continued to suffer in the marriage watching her husband take multiple wives who have all ended up leaving him, while she stayed by his side.

Viewers are fed up to the point of concluding that the writers of the soapie do not like Susan as they continue give her a storyline where she suffers because of Azwindini who does not love her. They have also included that they want Suzan to have a positive storyline for a change.

Nthabiseng Khambule wrote, “The role that she plays its pains a lot cz she has been suffering..they don’t even put make up on her face, and she always wears Gogo clothes, pls change her character, she must also look sexy like bo rendani.and she must also be rich le yena so that chief can be so jealous and after she should get a new guy haii not this chief”Tshepo Khunou Rapholo also commented on social media that, “Me 2 I believe that the writer really hates Susan. Yes, it’s true some men do this but they should have given women hope that even if he leaves there is still happy life. Like mating a good loving handsome guy who will love an appropriate you. The writer should give Susan a second chance she has been through a lot, I even cried when she was kneeling down bagging her in laws. Now it’s time Susan gets her smile back. Remember you giving hope to women out there who are going through what she is going”
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Chegofatjo Moopong commented, “She has been bullied from day one begging for love crying for everything now she makes plans to be loved still they want her to suffer I don’t want to see the name muvhango on my TV is toomuch every character got away with everything but not Suzan ayiii”

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    Susan deserve better, she’s the best actress on muvhango. Credit to her. Please writter don’t hate her that much she shows all the respect needed on a woman about be on the site of Azwindini even the family of Azwindini didn’t like her. 💯 Susan

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