Muvhango Fans Not Impressed With Maumela Mahuwa


Muvhango Fans Not Impressed With Maumela Mahuwa

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Muvhango viewers are dissatisfied with the present narrative of the telenovela, with some even claiming that the show’s creators dislike Susan. Susan, played by Maumela Mahuwa, has had the most to deal with because her husband Azwindini is cheating on her and she was caught carrying muthi. Fans of the SABC 2 series turned to social media to beg the authors to ease up on Susan and give her a happy plotline.

Muvhango’s viewers are dissatisfied with the show’s authors on SABC 2. Fans reacted to the latest episode of the soap on social media.

Susan is disliked by the show’s writers, according to the majority of them. They revealed that Azwindini’s wife has experienced the most hardships since the show began and has never been happy in her life.
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Susan, played by Maumela Mahuwa, was caught red-handed with muthi in the most recent episode. Her husband is having an affair, and she is trying everything she can to get him back.

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  1. Avatar of Phathutshedzo mudzielwana
    Phathutshedzo mudzielwana says

    Please make life easier for vho- susan. That part was supposed to be Gugu play it . Most side chick are the one Who does that to win man . This part I khou bora

  2. Avatar of Sellwie
    Sellwie says

    This is so unfair. Susan has been with Azwindini who has been with all those women. But one mistake she does, she is treated like that. Suzan has not had a happy marriage with Azwindini, but you are putting Gugu as a heroine….no man. Not fair at all

  3. Avatar of Trish
    Trish says

    Who ever the script writer is has no regard for women. Gugu playing the most discussing role is pitiful. Susan is the icon of Muvhango and has been reduced to a senseless pitiful woman while Azwindini is hopping from bed to bed using women in the name of love. This is the worse episodes muvhango has sampled.

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