Muvhango: Marang’s False pregnancy game over

Muvhango: Marang’s False pregnancy game over


Marang pregnancy comes to the end, because James will discover the truth, currently Thabang has problems because his mother is very sick and he is seeking a shoulder to cry on but marang does not care about him anymore because she got what he wants to him, James tried to comfort Thabang and Thabang will start to regret about what he has done.


Imani was the one who notice that Marang is not pregnant, but James didn’t believe her, Imani notices Many things, marang does not behave like before and James does not say anything about it, Imani knows very well that Marang uses a baby as a weapon to get James, but suddenly she started to act strangely.

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James will try to sue marang for everything she has done to him, and Marang will start to face consequences for what she has done, James might be angry for Tenda if he discovers that he was knowing that Marang had miscarriage and never told him.

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