Muvhango: Mulalo confessed everything that happened.

Muvhango: Mulalo confessed everything that happened.


At the point when Mulalo was conscious of the medical procedure, he was encircled by the entire Royal House family. His grandma was glad since she thought she planned to lose him. Mulalo told the family that he was not acknowledged by the ancestors to take the seat. They accompanied the arrangement with his better half Teboho how they will prevail to move Azwindini for being the King of Thathe.

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He continued disclosing to them that they paid off Maine to tell the entire family and local area that it is Mulalo who is picked by ascenstors. He revealed to them that when he suffocate his child it was the demonstration to be viewed as though the ancestors required him as a penance. Azwindini forfeited his life by saving the suffocating Mulalo’s child.

Mulalo said Teboho accompanied the arrangement that we can’t continue paying Mhfareni some cash to keep her mouth shut. Mhfareni was going to uncovered them that he was not picked to be King and sit down.

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Makhadzi requested to let it out all what they arranged with his significant other. Mulalo revealed to them that when Teboho poison Mhfareni she requested that I help her by taking Mfareni’s body from Vhangani’s home to deteriorate her. That seat was reviled to me since I was the one to sit on it. Each one at the emergency clinic were voiceless to establish out why Mhfareni wad killed. Recollect Mulalo was constrained by Teboho constantly on the off chance that she say bounce, how high.

At the point when the family were ventured out from home Mulalo called Azwindini to go to the emergency clinic alone. At the point when he came to there Mulalo disclosed to Azwindini that he was sorry for all what he and his family had done. He even revealed to him that he would not like to a King or even the seat was a reviled to him and his family. Mukondeleni was so humiliated to hear how his incredible Mulalo and his significant other finished the existence of Mhfareni. Additionally she couldn’t accepted that they had the option to pay off the Msine or healer to moved to the seat at Royal House..

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