‘Muvhango’ star Sydney Ramakuwela forced to expose paternity tests


‘Muvhango’ star Sydney Ramakuwela forced to expose paternity tests

Talented actor Sydney Ramakuwela who plays Mulalo in ‘Muvhango’ reveals why he was forced to reveal his own paternity tests.

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Muvhango actor Sydney Ramakuwela says he insisted on a paternity test when an ex accused him of being a dead-beat father to her 17-year-old son.


The fan-favourite actor Sydney Ramakuwela, who plays Mulalo in Muvhango tells Sunday World that he was forced to expose his own paternity tests after a former fling threatened him.


The actor says it all began when an innocent post on Facebook on Sunday about fathers loving their children escalated when a childhood friend accused him of fathering a child with her in 2012.

He was thrilled about the news of being a father to the teenager but demanded a paternity test first.

“I posted my daughter on Sunday with a funny caption along the lines of tag your man who doesn’t support their child. A lot of people came and commented; it was just a joke,” he said.

“I woke up on Monday and saw a comment that said my son was 17 years old. I didn’t even know what they were eating, like I wasn’t supporting my child.”

He booked a test in Polokwane, and did the tests with his ex. They then called him and told him that the results are back but couldn’t send the tests to him.

He then went to Auckland Park and collected his results. When he read them, it said he was excluded from the child’s paternity.

Ramakuwela also reveals that hi ex accused him of buying the tests and hurled insults when the results came out.

He called Lancet again, and was advised to hold on to his results, and if she wants to dispute, she can order more tests, or she can also open a case against him.

The actor shared the results on social media to clear his name but removed the post to protect the child. He removed the post after people shared the boy’s pictures in his comment section.

Social media user @KabeloMohlah02 shared pictures of the tests and wrote on X: “The brother was accused of being a deadbeat father. But he opted to take a DNA test to clear his name. Ironically, the results revealed that he is not the biological father.”

The South African reached out to Mr Ramakuwela on Friday for a comment who confirmed the story.

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@NathiSibiya8: “So, we can all agree that she doesn’t know the father of the child?”

@sjmofokeng25: “We need a new law of DNA test after birth to be compulsory to avoid such incidents.”

@ADS_ZAR:”How many more gents is she going to accuse next or it’s okay the kid will be fatherless now.”

@LesoleLaAfrika: “Some women have no shame wa tseba mara.”

@BossBGlobal: “If the current Dutch law was not biases, this woman should be arrested and be made to pay a fine.”

@MondlyShezi: “DNA tests should be free I hospitals and clinics as pregnancy tests are.”


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