Muvhango viewers asked us for drama, and they get it.

Muvhango viewers asked us for drama, and they get it.

..Tables are about to turn for one actor on Muvhango whose life was turned upside down when he lost someone important in his life. Drama is also coming up for the show’s viewers following their complaints about more drama missing on the show.
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MacDonald Ndou is an actor on Muvhango playing the character of Khakhathi Mulaudzi referred to as “KK”. Mulaudzi went through a lot when he lost his son which was in relation to how he got his wealth. Since the passing of his son who was “Mudi” on the show, KK turned into a mad man going around preaching the word of God.

While preaching the word of God, KK found himself in Venda and witnessed a murder committed by Mulalo who took over as a Chief after Azwindini was removed together with his wife, Tebogo. KK tried, by all means, to let everyone know about what the two had done but they always found a way to stop him. Tables will now be turning for KK as he will be moving from the dirty and always preaching KK to Chief Khakhathi.

Viewers of the show will now get to see KK as the Chief of Thathe. Muvhango on Instagram posted pictures of KK sitting on a Chief’s throne and wrote “Muvhango viewer’s asked us for drama if this is not drama, we don’t know what it is. Next on #Muvhango!”.


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The character of a Chief after Azwindini till now was played by Mulalo Mukwevho. However, he was not meant to have been a Chief of Thathe. Together with his wife, Tebogo who made her exit from the show few months back planned and made sure that Mulalo was allowed to become a Chief.

He succeeded but unfortunately did not know how to play his cards as he resorted to murder for one who knew what they did creating another witness which was KK who knew from day one that they killed someone. KK excelled in playing the mad end preaching man character, he gave viewer’s something to laugh about each night but what is he bringing in his new character that he is soon going to play?

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