Muvhango: What Azwindini does with the teenage girls will put him in trouble

Muvhango: What Azwindini does with the teenage girls will put him in trouble

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A few months ago Azwindini went on an unusual path for someone of his character, he started chasing after girls the same age as his son Vhutshilo and it ended badly.

Azwindini, one of the longest running characters in Muvhango, a South African soapie that airs on SABC1 every Mondays to Fridays. Azwindini has been a constant memory on the TV screens throughout the airing of the show, with the TV show revolving mainly around him and his family.

He is the chief of Thate, a village in the Venda kingdom of Limpopo (fictional setting), at one point was also a majority shareholder in MMC, a company that was founded by his father but all his shares were lost to an enemy of his Tenda Mudau and Azwindini has been on a downhill spiral ever since.

When he relinquished his power through ascending the throne again, Azwindini was having serious issues within his marriage to a point where he almost lost his only wife to who stood with him through everything. This lead to Azwindini going to Joburg where be ended up dating and even planning on marrying a woman the same age as his son Vhutshilo.

Azwindini dated Boipelo and all of this happened very close to his birthday. For his birthday celebration, his new young love planned an unusual party for him and they sneaked away from the party to have sex which left Azwindini with a stroke. It seems Azwindini may have took something stronger than the blue pill to satisfy the young girl and it left him almost for dead.

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A couple of episodes later Azwindini finds himself in a similar situation. He finds himself stuck underground with Gugu Nkosi. The two came to the building area to solve salary issues with employees and while in one of the project’s underground storerooms, found themselves stuck together.

A few episodes ago the two ended up having a moment of passion together and later Azwindini had fainted. Is it because he is getting old or are these young women too much for him to handle. Gugu is the same woman who has been having a situationship with Azwindini’s son Vhutshilo. This also lead to the two admitting that they have always had feelings for one another a little while after Azwindini regained consciousness.

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