My Ben 10 wants kids and I don’t know what to do.

My Ben 10 wants kids and I don’t know what to do.

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There is some kinds of situations in life that force us to make decisions that we most probably would regret in the next life.

However not all these things are brought upon by ourselves only, even our loved ones would surprise us some time and ask for things that we know we cannot do at all.

It is understandable if a person seeks for a child and wants, or wishes some day to be a parent but most people fail to understand the responsibilities that come with raising a baby. They just ask for it.

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A person shared on twitter that her ben 10 said he wants a baby and rather she is worried about it, nonetheless she does not also know why her ben 10 asked something of this sort from her judging from the way she tweeted.

The individual even asked what she should do in this situation, of which would prove to us that she is in a state of confusion and worry.

Not everyone is ever ready to be a parent as it takes a village to raise a baby too, and if her ben 10 asks to have a child it is not her fault but it is just something that he wants for himself.