My biggest pay-check was from Ferguson Films – Brenda Ngxoli

My biggest pay-check was from Ferguson Films – Brenda Ngxoli

Veteran actress and mother of one Brenda Ngxoli recently visited the Podcast and Chill with MacG where she left no stones unturned.

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The outspoken actress spoke of the acting industry’s cruel ways including naming some of the people who had mistreated her in her acting career.

Speaking to MacG, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady about her time working with Connie Ferguson and her husband Shona Ferguson, Brenda shared:

“I don’t care, I will stand on my own if that is the case. I have never had issues with Connie Ferguson. I have never had money not come on time while working for Ferguson Films.”

“My biggest paycheck was from Ferguson Films. I had repeatedly said I find it so strange sis Connie that you are feeding so many mouths yet no one will stand up when it’s time to say, wait a minute the reason I have a bond today is because of this woman.”

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She added that if you have a job for more than six months as an actor, you should be thankful to the person who has provided you with an opportunity for employment.

Speaking about the drama series The Queen which was called off after many successful years of production she said, “When the show had come to an end, a lot of people were crying, now all of a sudden. But still, they weren’t crying on social media, they were crying on the side, people were depressed.”

She added that she felt they could have stood up for Connie as that might have saved them from depression.

MacG further asked Brenda, why she left the set of The Queen if thing were so nice. Brenda responded saying her character wasn’t that big so there was no need for it to continue until the end of the show.


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