‘My favourite thug’: Singer Thinah Zungu says housebreaker made him feel safe


‘My favourite thug’: Singer Thinah Zungu says housebreaker made him feel safe

Award-winning gospel musician Thinah Zungu harbours no hatred towards the robbers who broke into his house in Inanda, Durban.

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Gospel singer and pastor Thinah Zungu has given a rare account of the men who broke into his famous double-storey house in Inanda, a township situated north-west of Durban, last week.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the Kwanqaba Umusa hitmaker claimed that even though he and his family were cleaned out by the robbers, one of the men was “kind” towards him and his family.



According to Zungu, the men forcefully entered his house and robbed him and his family at gunpoint for two hours.

The criminals, who ransacked the place, stole their valuables – which included the singer’s vehicle and gadgets, estimated at R500 000. Fortunately, the vehicle was recovered on the same day.

Despite the traumatic incident, the musician said he harbours no animosity towards the brazen thugs. In fact, he said he is praying for one of the men to turn his life around.

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“That guy kept me calm in the situation. He kept on referring to me as Manzini [Zungu clan name] when he needed to ask where certain items were. This helped to calm our nerves. I don’t care if they were sent to my house or if he only realised when he got here that they were at my house, but that guy became my favourite sgebengu [thug],” said Zungu, recalling the ordeal.

“Whenever he [the robber] went outside into the car, my nerves shot up because my head was down the whole time. But whenever I heard his voice, I knew we were safe,” he added.

Zungu – popularly known as “Ubhuti westezi” – further shared that the thug in question was kind enough to allow his wife, Zama Zungu, to dress up. The man also gave his wife water to calm her down and gave them blankets to keep warm while the others were loading the stolen goods inside his car.

“I was able to ask him to give us our passports (which were in the car) because we would need them soon.

“He gave Ndumiso [Zungu’s son] his phone back to hide it. Unfortunately, the other thugs saw it and later took it. But later, when we sought help, we found it on the table,” Zungu explained.


The Ujesu Ufika Ekuseni hitmaker expressed gratitude for their safety, also sharing that the housebreaker asked for forgiveness.

According to Zungu, the man’s parting words were: “Manzini ngiyaxolisa mfowethu (I’m sorry, my brother). Please pray for me. I don’t like what what I’m doing.”

The musician said the man also apologised to his wife before reminding them to pray for him.


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